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If you would like to get involved with the Unmanned Agriculture Institute and our unique network, please know that there is a program for you! For growers and other interested parties, Educational Memberships will give you access to the most relevant and up to date industry information. For companies, researchers, and thought leaders the Research Membership will allow you to share your latest research, products, and progress with our community to help educate and advance the Unmanned Agricultural Systems industry.

All Memberships will give access to UAI resources and community. This is your direct professional channel to learn and share information regarding Unmanned Systems in Agriculture.


Educational Membership

An Educational Membership is a Free Membership that gives you access to the latest research, products, and advances in the Unmanned Agricultural Systems Industry. Learn about Unmanned Systems In Agriculture, keep up to date with progress, voice your concerns, and connect with other growers, researchers, and companies. Educational Memberships are designed to provide anyone interested with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Research Membership

The Research Membership is designed for forefront companies, thought leaders, and researchers to join together with the common goals of educating growers, determining best practices, and advancing the industry. A Research Membership will help you to showcase your methods, research, and success to a grower community and allow you to discuss your practices with other professionals in the Unmanned Agricultural Systems Industry.

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Apply to be a guest writer for the Unmanned Agriculture Institute. If selected, your work will be available as a resource to the leading researchers, developers, and companies to be considered in the process of determining best practice in the industry.